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Our products have been meticulously researched and thoughtfully refined to make your daily routine a breeze.


    Dental care doesn't
    have to be boring,
    or expensive.

    These are two concepts we wanted to address after becoming fed up with the high-price, $200 or more, products on the market. We're doing our part to provide quality products that are also affordable because everyone deserves a healthy smile.


    Go against the grain
    and make a difference.

    We’re a team of clinical rockstars, we go against the status quo. We want to make a difference. We're your one-stop-shop for reliability, affordability and simplicity. We are a brand of dental products you can trust and recommend.

  • We promise to be

    Our first priority when developing oral care products is your dental health. SmileIQ products are made to be affordable, yet top quality, so that everyone can afford a beautiful, healthy smile.

  • We promise to be

    We wouldn’t be much of a dental company if we didn’t know teeth.  Dental care is what we do and what we do well.

  • We promise to be

    We're pretty good at our job, some would say we're experts, but our goal is to be continually improving our products. Connecting with you makes that possible. We welcome your feedback anytime.

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